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Xavier v. Dayton: Set Your Depth Chart

So I guess we're doing this again.

Maybe we focus on rim protection today.
Maybe we focus on rim protection today.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At 4:30pm tomorrow, the Jimmy Carter Classic will tip off in Orlando in the guise of the championship game of the AdvoCare Invitational. Xavier has handled business against Alabama and USC while Dayton has fought to the wire to take down Iowa and Monmouth. Now fate has once again paired these old conference foes in a game on national television.

Xavier has gotten to this point on the back of basically two things: rebounding and free throws. The Musketeers get a higher percentage of their points from the line than all but 7 teams in the country, and it has been well documented that Xavier has enjoyed a huge rebounding advantage on both ends. If you're the coach, are you designing the lineup to leverage those strengths, or do you take them for granted and try to balance things out with players who can do other things?

Here's the KenPom depth chart to get you started. It should be noted that Pomeroy's depth charts are just built on an algorithm. The reason you see JP listed as a point, for example, is because he gets a good number of assists without turning the ball over much and he's fairly feeble on the defensive glass. Ed, on the other hand, gets shots up, turns the ball over a lot, and rebounds like a small forward. The depth chart isn't perfect, but it gives you a bit of an idea of how Xavier has lined up over the last five games.

Depth chart over the past 5 games
15 Myles Davis 6-2  188  Jr 71% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  197  Sr 50% Edmond Sumner 6-6  183  Fr 36% Trevon Bluiett 6-6  208  So 67% James Farr 6-10  244  Sr
55 JP Macura 6-5  203  So 15% 0 Larry Austin 6-2  179  So 31% 55 JP Macura 6-5  203  So 30% Jalen Reynolds 6-10  238  Jr 15% 1 Jalen Reynolds 6-10  238  Jr
4 Edmond Sumner 6-6  183  Fr 14% 4 Edmond Sumner 6-6  183  Fr 12% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  197  Sr 20% 22 Kaiser Gates 6-8  217  Fr 6%
55 JP Macura 6-5  203  So 8% 5 Trevon Bluiett 6-6  208  So 15% 54 Sean O'Mara 6-10  247  So 5%
13 Makinde London 6-10  220  So 5%