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Xavier puts away NKU and is heading to Orlando undefeated

It wasn't brilliant, but it was a win.

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What happened: Xavier 78 - NKU 66

Trevon was probably the story of this game, as much as there was one. He wasn't as efficient as you'd hope, shooting just 5-15/2-5/2-2, but he led the team in points, rebounds, and assists in going for 14/16/5, so that's hard to argue with. He also threw in two steals and just one turnover for an all-aroud solid night other than the shooting line. Trevon is developing into Xavier's best player just by virute of his consistency.

Is it too early to talk Sixth Man of the Year? James Farr again did his thing, going for 13/8/0 on 4-7/0-1/5-5 shooting. That line came on just 20 minutes of playing time, as Farr and Jalen rotated fairly heavily on the evening. Xavier is going to need those two to be big three times in four days over the weekend, so it's good to see James clicking and getting some rest.

Speaking of Jalen, he hit a three tonight. That was part of a 3-9/1-1/4-6 shooting line, so you'll probably note that he was 2-8 from inside the arc. He went for 11/6/2 with a block, a steal, and no technical fouls in 21 minutes of play. Jalen seems to play up (or down) to the competition; I'm confident he'll be ready on Thursday.

Remy had a fairly efficient 12/1/3 on 3-5/0-2/6-7 shooting with a steal and no fouls, once again flashing his end-to-end athleticism to get himself easy buckets and trips to the line. Myles Davis posted a fairly similar 12/2/0 on 4-9/2-5/2-2 shooting. Myles has been struggling to find the stroke a little bit, so it was nice to see him hit some threes and look solid doing it.

Edmond Sumner was Xavier's sixth player in double figures, shooting 3-7/1-3/5-8 on his way to 12/5/3 with a couple of turnovers. Sumner again had a couple of moments where he got a little bit excited attacking off the dribble in the halfcourt, but I guess if I could do some of the things he can I'd be pretty excited about it too. He'll learn to pick his spots as he develops; in the meantime, he's pretty darn good for a dude learning the ropes.

Xavier was not crisp defensively tonight. NKU only had 66 points on 74 possessions, but the Muskies gave up some looks that other teams would have converted into more points. Particularly troubling was Xavier's slack three-point defense; they allowed the Norse to get up 22 three-point attempts on the night, many of which were not particularly contested. Just something to keep an eye on going forward.

This game was another show of Xavier's depth. It seems like every game we've come away saying, "Xavier did [insert impressive thing here] without getting [usually reliable contribution]." Today it was placing six players in double figures despite getting two points from the usually prolific JP Macura. We probably shouldn't take too much away from this game, as Xavier was coming off a tough game and looking ahead to a tough weekend. There's a reason Xavier's weakest opponent was scheduled here, and X illustrated it today. On to Orlando.

Odds and ends

  • LAJ was not great today with 2/2/1 and 2 turnovers.
  • Kaiser Gates, Makinde London, and Sean O'Mara combined for 9 minutes; so much for resting the horses.
  • Xavier had 16 assists on 23 made buckets, good for a 69.5% assist rate.

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