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Xavier eases past NKU behind Trevon Bluiett and James Farr

And on to Orlando.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

That wasn't the most inspiring game you'll ever watch, but Xavier got out of it with a win and no injuries, so that's about optimal. This win was almost the exact opposite of the Michigan win, right down to how much it inspired me when it was over. Xavier will be heading to Orlando looking to defend an undefeated record.

Three-point defense needs tightened up

NKU got plenty of good looks from deep, especially in the first half. It's one thing to have your opponent make tough shots, but it's entirely different to concede good looks. Xavier didn't force the Norse to shoot contested threes and were made to pay for it. That's the kind of thing that you can usually get away with against an opponent to whom you're clearly superior; it's also the kind of thing that will kill against the kinds of teams Xavier has to play this weekend.

Xavier knew they had this one

This wasn't Xavier's most inspiring effort, but it didn't have to be. The gulf between Xavier and a scrappy NKU was enough that the Musketeers could sleepwalk through this one and still leave with the win, and they did exactly that. Hopefully Coach Mack and the staff use this lackluster performance as a wakeup call to get this team rolling heading to Orlando.

FS1's announcers are still bad

I have some respect for what Dick Stockton has accomplished as an announcer, but he's well beyond his best days and appears to be beyond even his good days. He consistently misapprehended what was going on right in front of him, from mispronouncing Cintas before the ball even went up right on through calling Trevon "Bullitt" - perhaps as portrayed by Steve McQueen - for the entirety of the game. The color guy - whose name I intentionally didn't note - was probably worse, refusing to let a play go by without pronouncing a sweeping referendum on the nature of the game. I love being in the Big East and having games on TV. As FOX and the Big East try to build something to rival the hegemony of ESPN, they'd be well-served to get some serious announcers behind the mics.