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Xavier v. Missouri: Game Thread

Can Myles get it going tonight against Mizzou?
Can Myles get it going tonight against Mizzou?
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Musketeers (1-0)


Missouri Tigers (2-0)

The essentials
Game time: 6:30 PM
Location: Cintas Center
TWC 317
DirecTV 219
DISH 150
Cinci Bell Fioptics 525
Radio: 55KRC

Three Keys:

- Force the pace: Missouri's tempo is 339th in the nation, Xavier is filled with guys who can fly up and down the court. Missouri can shoot from deep, but it remains to be seen if they have the legs to do that after 30 minutes of sprinting. Xavier doesn't lose much by trying to run, because James Farr and Jalen Reynolds aren't exactly dragging the pace. One thing to watch in that scenario would be how well the Musketeers can take care of the ball.

- Crush the glass: Missouri lacks both size and rebounding prowess. Their very mediocre opponents have held them to a 23.6% offensive rebounding rate. The Tigers have shut off the offensive glass thus far, but they haven't seen anyone like Farr or Reynolds or anyone with the relentless effort of JP Macura. Xavier should dominate the glass this game.

- Get Myles and Trevon going: Beating teams like Missouri and Miami should be possible without those two, but beating teams like Georgetown won't be. Both players felt a little bit disconnected from the flow of the game against the RedHawks. Getting them rolling in another early season game would be a good sign that the offense is coming together more cohesively.