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Welcome to the season with Banners!

Summer is over! Here at Banners that means it's time for our favorite time of the year, college basketball season. Welcome on board, and here's a look at the coverage we will provide all year.

This guy is not on staff
This guy is not on staff
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We've finally made it. After last year ended in the Sweet 16 with a loss to Arizona, it has seemed like an eternity until this day came. Now, at last, we have Xavier basketball games again. If you're here, you're probably a Xavier fan. If you're a long time reader, welcome back. If you are new I have good news for you, you've found the most comprehensive coverage of the Xavier Musketeers basketball team that there is on the internet. We aren't beat writers, we're fans just like you who parlayed a passion for the team into what we strive to make the best Xavier coverage anywhere.

You'll note right away that what you read here is heavily slanted toward advanced statistics. You'll see the standard triple slash lines of Points/Rebounds/Assists and FG%/3FG%/FT%, but you'll also get all the tempo free information that is really going to break down how the game is actually going. Rebounding rates, offensive and defensive efficiency, and adjusted tempo are going to factor into almost everything we write. The goal is to leave anyone who reads an article fully aware of what happened, or what may happen, in any given game. Hopefully our Season Preview is already getting you ready for those games.

To that end, there's going to be a lot of reading available for you at work or in class on breaks and lunches on game day. Here what you can expect on an average gameday:

The [Opponent] Fan's Guide to Xavier Basketball

It's not cool for us to hog all the fun, telling you about who Xavier is going to play and what they bring to the table. There are fans of the other team out there too, clicking through our site trying to figure out what it is that makes Xavier tick. Here we'll give them a brief overview of the current state of the roster, strategic and tactical trends, and whatever else they need to know about Xavier before the Muskies demolish their favorite team.

Pre-duel Pleasantries

Caleb will search far and wide until he finds a writer from the opposition ready to answer some of the hard hitting questions about the other team...and possibly some questions about Skyline Chili. If you're wondering how the average Alabama fan sees them before the game starts, you'll know after this.

Set Your Depth Chart

You know the players and you know the positions, here's a chance to tell the world how you'd fit it all in for this game. Different game and different matchups require different looks. Beat Coach Mack to the punch or use this space to give him some ideas.


Next will come the preview. It's exactly what it sounds like, and it's heavy on numbers. We'll break down each matchup on the floor, look at the opponent's offensive and defensive fingerprint, and give you three questions and three keys for the game.

The Game Thread

We open up a thread and everyone is welcome to join the comments and watch the game with us. Sometimes, they're busy, sometimes they aren't. As with any of our articles though, the more comments, the better.

Three Things We Learned

Within a couple minutes after every game we'll have the immediate takeaways ready. That could be injury updates, a look at who lost minutes that game, or just a quick hitter on the big moments. Think of it as the very first debriefing and the place you can start reacting to the game in the comments section.

Boxscore Breakdown

Someone, usually Joel, takes everyone so far inside the numbers that there may be no coming back. Using KenPom and Shot Analytics data, this article will take a completely objective look at the bare facts of each game. If you like evidence stripped of the narrative and presented clearly, this is for you.

The Recap

If you want the story of the game, you can always read the recap. The recap follows the breakdown on either game night or the next morning. It's more in depth and will walk you through how the game unfolded. This is also where the highlights and all the best Vines and tweets from the action will land.

That's the average game lead-in here on Banners. It's a lot, but you'll never want for information. If you do, shoot us a suggestion and we'll get right on it. It's not hard to get in touch with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter at @BannersParkway. If you have a question, we'll answer it.

Throughout the year we'll also keep you apprised on what is going on throughout the league and college ball in general. Once conference play starts we'll get you the talking points from each set of midweek and weekend games. As the tournament approaches we'll fire up the Bubble Watch (which hopefully won't contain Xavier) to let you know who needs to do what. We'll also, of course, keep everyone up to date on where Xavier will land come March. KenPom Bracketology will be available every week to let you know where the numbers dispassionately see everyone going come dancing time. In short, if we can think of something we think Xavier fans might want to know, we'll get it in your hands.

So welcome, or welcome back. Our goal is to make this the place you come for Xavier news. We take pride in our writing, our research, and our willingness to answer any question a Xavier fan may have pertaining to the team. Hopefully, Banners on the Parkway will fill the niche of the Xavier basketball site that you've always wished was out there or it will be the one that you would write if you had the time. We're glad you're here as the summer ends and we can, finally, blessedly, watch the Xavier Musketeers play basketball.