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Xavier has more guys who should start than spots on the floor

As far as problems go, too much depth is a pretty good one to have.

Best defender, most efficient scorer... not a starter?
Best defender, most efficient scorer... not a starter?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting down to brass tacks for the beginning of the season. There have been some changes to the rule book - most of which I don't particularly care for - but I breezed through it and it looks like the game will still be contested five-on-five. In light of that, it's natural for a fan to spend a good deal of time ruminating on who the starting five will be once the ball goes up for real.

Obviously Xavier needs a point guard. Equally obviously, it's not Myles Davis. That leaves either Larry Austin, Jr. or Edmond Sumner running the point. Fair enough. Myles does need to be on the floor though; he's one of the team's most gifted scorers and hands-down their emotional leader. Ignoring the occasional source that lists Trevon Bluiett as a two, the winner of the PG competition and Myles Davis make up our starting backcourt.

On the wing, it's clear that Coach Mack isn't afraid to run with three guards. It's equally clear that Remy Abell needs to be on the court. He's the team's most quietly efficient returning scorer and hands-down the best on-ball defender on the roster. Then Trevon Bluiett gets pushed to the four... but wait, what about James Farr?

Okay, Big Game James clearly has to start. He's the big man in the middle doing the dirty work, and I remain among a dwindling contingent of fans that still believes in him as an offensive force. James and Jalen are our starting frontcourt, Trevon can play the three... okay then what do you do with Remy? He can't replace Myles as a leader, but Myles can't replace him as a defender.

Herein lies the rub - albeit an awesome one - with the Musketeers' roster this year. No matter how you shuffle things - and as long as you concede that Xavier needs a point guard on the floor - you're pushing someone with a starter's resume to the bench. Coming off the pine are going to be the runner-up of the point guard competition, an upperclassman guard who can really score the basketball, and JP (sorry buddy, you're not going to start), and that's not even touching on what you're going to get out of Sean O'Mara with a year of D1 ball under his belt, Makinde London as a redshirt, and Kaiser Gates.

All that to say that I think bench depth is going to be a serious strength for Xavier this year, probably even more than it was last season. The talent is going to be there, and the experience will be something that Xavier hasn't enjoyed in the Mack Era. Also, with just a couple of weeks between us and opening night, who is your starting five?