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Myles Davis isn't the point guard for Xavier, but someone is

Plus other ruminations based on what I saw last night.

Not pictured: Xavier's starting point guard (I hope).
Not pictured: Xavier's starting point guard (I hope).
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It goes without saying that you can't really draw strong conclusions about a team based on a scrimmage. What you see in October probably won't have too much bearing on what goes down in March. With that said, let's draw some conclusions from last night's action.

  • I think we're going to be just fine at point guard. Edmond Sumner looked like a guy who knows he's really good at basketball. He led all scorers with 8 on 2-4/0-1/4-4  shooting. LAJ - the guy a lot of people have written off in favor of Sumner went for 6 and 5 and would have gotten into the assist column if big man finishing had been better. Both guys looked like players you'd be comfortable sending out there in a starting five.
  • Myles Davis is not a point guard. It's a good thing those two guys played well, because this team is going to be a lot better with Myles off the ball. I wouldn't worry too much about the specifics of his performance last night, but he's better suited to getting buckets than setting them up.
  • Sean O'Mara is ready to push for playing time. He looks more fit than he did last year, and he held his own in the middle in 12 minutes of play. He gives X a different look than any of their other big men.
  • JP Macura has an incredible bundle of skills. The last Xavier recruit whose shot was as highly regarded as JP's was probably Brad Redford, and he never won the dunk contest like JP did last night. He showed stretches of brilliance last year; I'd expect to see those more and more often this year.
There was a lot to like last night, not least of which was the fact that basketball is back. What stuck out to you?