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Big East Media Day Recap

Xavier was represented well by James Farr and Remy Abell at Big East Media Day this year. With the team picked to finish fourth and Jalen Reynolds and Trevon Bluiett on all Big East teams, it was a good day.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was Big East Media Day up in New York City. There's no question that the Big East takes any opportunity it can to market aggressively, and this is no exception. All the coaches and a conglomeration of players show up, answer easy questions, and then head back to their respective schools. This season it was Remy Abell and James Farr making the trip to NYC with Coach Mack.

My friends and I also just went on a trip. That's not exactly how we traveled. It pays to be a Xavier basketball player. While the guys were in NYC the Big East teams were released. Xavier landed Jalen Reynolds on the first team all Big East and Trevon Bluiett was honorable mention all Big East. Isaiah Whitehead was ranked above Bluiett. Make of that what you will, but Trevon has never been so incredibly self-centered that it destroyed an entire program for a season.

The preseason poll also came out yesterday. Before we get into where Xavier landed this year, take note of Chris Mullin led St. John's bringing up the rear with a whopping 13 votes. Apparently his fellow coaches aren't buying the relentless wave of hype. There's also a large gap between Marquette at 6th and Seton Hall at 7th. It's looking like the consensus is there's a split in the Big East this year between the haves and the have nots.

That's the major news, but that's not everything. We've compiled the rest of the media day that Xavier fans may find interesting below.