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Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Myles Davis

Myles Davis had an excellent sophomore season, but the point guard question looms large over his junior campaign.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Remy Abell may have led the team in three point percentage, but it was Myles Davis whom Xavier fans will remember as the team's premier sniper last year. 3-5s against Georgetown and Butler and a 5-8 against Georgia State stand out, but Davis also put together a solid 38.4% mark for the year. What Myles did last year that he hadn't the year before was put the ball on the floor and drive on occasion. That diversification of skill set led to a spike in both playing time and production and saw Davis put up a line of 10.6/2.4/2.1 and an ORtg of 112.9.

Despite that, there are questions marks about Myles this year. Most of them revolve around the position that the junior guard will play. For the last two years, Dee Davis has anchored the point while Myles was free to move off the ball and find his shot. On very rare occasions, Myles handled the ball to initiate the offense. His assist rate of 15.2 compared to a turnover rate of 15.4 speaks to a relatively mediocre output in those instances. This year, there is no Dee Davis, with Edmond Sumner and Larry Austin Jr. set to take his spot. If either of them struggle, Myles will be called on to bridge the gap and bring the ball up the floor. That's ideal neither for Myles nor the team.

Best-case scenario:

The best case for Myles is also the best case for the team: one of LAJ or Edmond Sumner grabs the point guard spot and doesn't let go. That frees Myles to roam off the ball and do his thing. If things go well, he doesn't hit the late season malaise that has plagued him the last two years and stays consistent throughout the season. There was some improvement in the regard last year when Myles bounced back to go 9-15 in the NCAA tournament. Look for Coach Mack to use some of the backcourt depth to ease the burden on Myles legs and keep him fresh all year. A 43% mark from deep and 15/3/2 are not out of the question.

Worst-case scenario:

Neither of the young guards takes the point spot and Myles has to run it. That means less shooting, more work, and a year that doesn't follow up on last seasons success. If Myles has to run the point the offense loses a shooter, he loses shots, and everything is off kilter. Let's all hope that doesn't happen.

Most likely scenario:

Myles may not go for 15 a game, but his output will be up. 40% from three point range is well within reach if Davis' legs stay fresh all year. Myles showed flashes of taking over games last year when he was challenged in the BIg East, and it seems like he's more than willing to be the player on the team with some attitude. This is shaping up to be a good year for the gunner from New Jersey.