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Xavier v. Seton Hall: Set Your Depth Chart

Xavier is coming off a loss to DePaul that left most Muskies fans hating life. Who should be first into the fray as X tries to bounce back at the Cintas Center?

X is undefeated in the friendly confines this year.
X is undefeated in the friendly confines this year.
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Xavier's first road game of the conference schedule went about as badly as it could have without a bus wreck. Now the Musketeers are back home and hoping to defend their pristine Cintas Center record against another ranked team when Seton Hall comes to town. Who should get the first shot at the Pirates for Xavier?

BOILERPLATE SECTION: everyone jump in with their depth charts in the comments; this is clearly becoming a thing. Be prepared to be respectful in questioning what other people put and in defending what you wrote. For what it's worth, here's some info that might inform your decisions:

  • By now I'm sure you're aware that Sumner and London are both out for the season.
  • James Farr didn't start and got only 4 minutes against DePaul; Coach Mack was less than forthcoming when asked to give an explanation.
  • Myles Davis tweeted that he's not feeling well, but he's a New Jersey native and figures to be eager to get at Seton Hall after dropping both games to them last year.
Depth chart over the past 5 games
11 Dee Davis 6-0  170  Sr 71% 15 Myles Davis 6-2  195  So 54% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  195  Jr 42% 40 Matt Stainbrook 6-10  270  Sr 49% 2 James Farr 6-10  247  Jr 41%
Brandon Randolph 6-2  189  So 24% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  195  Jr 36% Trevon Bluiett 6-6  215  Fr 29% 5 Trevon Bluiett 6-6  215  Fr 37% Jalen Reynolds 6-10  232  So 39%
15 Myles Davis 6-2  195  So 5% 3 Brandon Randolph 6-2  189  So 9% 55 J.P. Macura 6-5  190  Fr 24% 1 Jalen Reynolds 6-10  232  So 8% 40 Matt Stainbrook 6-10  270  Sr 17%
54 Sean O'Mara 6-10  247  Fr 5%

Maybe some hollow platitudes from Coach Mack, Myles Davis, and Trevon Bluiett will help clear your mind: