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Tuesday News and Notes

Xavier doesn't return to action until tomorrow, so here's some reading material to help tide you over.

This guy will call you out if your grandma dies. Don't let it happen.
This guy will call you out if your grandma dies. Don't let it happen.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Seton Hall is off to a good start- There was some debate before the season as to how good Xavier's next opponent would be, but there is mounting evidence that they are an NCAA tournament level team. The author of this piece opines that losing Isaiah Whitehead was "an absorbable blow." It's entirely possible though, that losing a high volume, low efficiency (94.4) gunner has made the team better.

Rysheed Jordan is back on the court- St. John's point guard Rysheed Jordan is back to the team after missing their loss to Butler this weekend. Against Butler, the Red Storm played all of their starters at least 34 minutes and got exactly zero points from the bench. Jordan missed the game after the death of his grandmother, which prompted this interesting quote from D'Angelo Harrison "He knows he let us down."

Second class conference- The SEC is loaded in football, supposedly, but their basketball teams have let them down recently. This article by Gary Parrish does an admirable job of showing that, outside of UK and Florida, the SEC doesn't have much to brag about. Of course, giant killing Auburn does loom large.

Three reasons Xavier is struggling right now- In case you missed it yesterday, we took a look at why Xavier's problems right now may keep them out of the NCAA tournament.

The pictures of the week- This has to be my favorite thing that any of the major sites are doing. The best picture here is the one of Adam Morrison. No, he's not crying on the outside, but you can tell there are some internal tears being shed. It turns out that jumpshooting and whining for fouls don't translate well to the next level.

Game winning dunks are all the rage- There can't be a much cooler way to score the game winning bucket than with a dunk.