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Xavier v. Seton Hall: Set Your Depth Chart

Is a two road win week in the offing for Xavier? Who are the players who should make it happen?

Everyone loves winning.
Everyone loves winning.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After the Thursday-Saturday-Tuesday blitz of games, going from Tuesday to Saturday without a game seems like an interminable wait. The wait is over now, and Xavier has a chance to begin a meaningful winning streak on the road now. The Muskies are heading into South Orange, NJ to take on Seton Hall; who should be on the court for Xavier when the ball goes up?

BOILERPLATE SECTION: everyone jump in with their depth charts in the comments; this is clearly becoming a thing. Be prepared to be respectful in questioning what other people put and in defending what you wrote. For what it's worth, here's some info that might inform your decisions:

  • By now I'm sure you're aware that Sumner and London are both out for the season.
  • Xavier is ostensibly fit and healthy from stem to stern.
  • Seton Hall is getting guard Isaiah Whitehead back (probably); the 6'4" freshman is a bit of a volume shooter but can be a handful to guard.
  • Myles Davis is from New Jersey and has spoken about how much he hears it from his friends when Xavier loses to Seton Hall.

Depth chart over the past 5 games
11 Dee Davis 6-0  170  Sr 86% 15 Myles Davis 6-2  195  So 62% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  195  Jr 48% Trevon Bluiett 6-6  215  Fr 50% Jalen Reynolds 6-10  232  So 44%
15 Myles Davis 6-2  195  So 10% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  195  Jr 16% 55 J.P. Macura 6-5  190  Fr 28% 40 Matt Stainbrook 6-10  270  Sr 36% 40 Matt Stainbrook 6-10  270  Sr 32%
0 Larry Austin 6-2  174  Fr 12% 5 Trevon Bluiett 6-6  215  Fr 21% James Farr 6-10  247  Jr 10% 2 James Farr 6-10  247  Jr 23%
55 J.P. Macura 6-5  190  Fr 8%

Here's Coach Mack talking about Seton Hall, road wins, and strategy: