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Xavier v. DePaul: three things we learned

That was not what we he hoped for.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The road is going to be a battle in the Big East this year

Not only what went down at DePaul today, but Seton Hall defended their home court against presumptive conference favorite Villanova. Home teams are now 7-0 in the league, and that includes both DePaul and Seton Hall winning a pair.

We need another point guard

Dee Davis had an OK stat line, but he was shaky in his decision-making early on. In a game like today's, every possession ends up mattering. It would help Xavier to have a second player who could get on the ball and run the team for a while so Dee could clear his head and get back into things. Instead, Larry Austin never got off the bench and Brandon Randolph played six minutes without contributing a thing. Xavier needs someone to step up and take responsibility for the ball so Dee doesn't have to play through rough stretches.

Anyone can work for FOX Sports

Just since conference play started, color announcers on Xavier games have called Matt Stainbrook "Matt Stanbrook," said Remy Abell probably played for Xavier's football team, said Myles Davis wasn't shooting as well this year as he did last year, said Dee Davis has never been known as an outside shooter... the list goes on and on after just 80 minutes of basketball. To top it all off, the studio announcer pronounced Ryan Arcidiacono's name three different ways during halftime without ever getting it right. If your network shells out the money to have exclusive broadcast rights for the league, the least you could do is some rudimentary research so you're prepared to not make a fool of yourself when things go live.