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Banners on the Parkway Expanding

Banners on the Parkway has always been about Xavier basketball. Starting today, that changes for the better.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

When Banners on the Parkway began, it was a two person operation on a small site run off a platform that doesn't exist anymore. Hit counts rarely ventured out of the double digits and Twitter interaction was still something in the far off future. From those (extremely) humble beginnings, Banners has evolved into the lone remaining completely free site dedicated Xavier basketball. Along the way we joined forces with SB Nation and Vox media to bring you what we hope is your top stop for Xavier reaction and in-depth basketball analysis.

Xavier isn't just basketball, though. While we love the basketball team and it remains the most well-known of Xavier's intercollegiate sports, the university offers 18 Division I sports team in the Big East. Beginning now, Banners on the Parkway will be taking our first steps into expanding into covering some of those other sports. The first step in that venture will be coverage of the defending Big East champion Xavier baseball team.

For now, our Xavier Baseball section remains under construction. In order to make sure that the same high level of detailed attention is paid to baseball as is currently paid to basketball, we're bringing on new staff solely dedicated to Xavier baseball. We're committed to this truly being an All For One site, where the same Banners coverage that you've come to know and, we hope, love becomes an umbrella over multiple Xavier athletic programs. This is the first exciting step in that direction.