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Xavier v. Georgetown: Three Things We Learned

There's the road win that Xavier was so desperately seeking.

How many guys on the roster can play the point, Dee?
How many guys on the roster can play the point, Dee?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We well and truly only have one point guard

Larry Austin and Brandon Randolph see some occasional minutes, but when the rubber meets the road it's clear that Coach Mack doesn't trust either of them. Brandon Randolph got some brief run; he scored a basket and turned the ball over once. Larry Austin didn't figure in the competitive portion of the night's program. Mostly Coach Mack put the ball in Dee Davis's hands and let him run the show.

This team can still rebound

Xavier's rebounding was elite in the non-conference, but it had fallen to merely above average during the early portions of the Big East season. Today, Xavier by and large shut down the Georgetown offensive rebounding game, which was a huge part of the team's defensive efforts on the game. Georgetown feasts when they keep possessions alive with offensive rebounds, but Xavier was completing stops by securing missed shots.

Xavier can get their own shots

The Musketeers have done a lot of moving the ball and scoring assisted baskets this year, but tonight X had dudes getting their own. Only three players (Dee, Myles, Stainbrook) had assists, and Xavier had only 8 assists on their 17 made baskets. There's something to be said for good team offense - it's fun to watch and effective - but there's also value in guys who can grab the ball and score baskets on their own.