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Quick take on Xavier's starting lineup

Coach Mack has opened a Pandora's box for no discernible purpose.

Why on earth did this guy start?
Why on earth did this guy start?
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I am writing this now because I want it to be honest and not skewed by the results of the game or the move; I hate this starting lineup. Ignore the lack of experience, ignore the two starting freshman, ignore the fact that two of your starters have barely touched the floor the last two games. This is a bad move because it doesn't address Xavier's rebounding or defensive issues, it actually weakens the team in both regards. It doesn't add anything offensively either, Austin Jr isn't going to replace Farr and Macura isn't going to outproduce Abell.

The time for sending messages is in practice. If you can't get a team to buy in, to change, to show more effort in the hour after hour you spend with them during the week, three minutes at the start of the game aren't changing anything. If your coaching has deteriorated to the point that you have to resort to announcing that you are shaking things up and then do that by obviously weakening your team, you have a serious problem.

This may get the attention of James Farr, but it's possible he's just another enigmatic big with a mind that wanders. Remy Abell may have been playing too much defense to fit in (I have no idea why he wouldn't play until he can't stand), but this is going to change that. This is a move for the sake of a move, not coaching. Xavier is heading down the road to knee jerk reactions and fixes that aren't, not a permanent fix. This is not a step in the right direction.