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Xavier v. Butler: three things we learned

That was so ugly to watch.

We let this guy kill us.
We let this guy kill us.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This team needs to rebounds to play well

That's usually not an issue, since we rebound really well. Butler gang rebounds as a team though, and Xavier struggled on the glass at both ends. Live stats are still beyond the technical prowess of Hinkle Fieldhouse, so I can't tell you how big Butler's advantage in second chance points was, but it was a large one.

Stretch fours still kill Xavier

Xavier has always had trouble with big men who can shoot, and it has continued in the Musketeers' last two road games. First Forrest Robinson killed Xavier at DePaul, now Andrew Chrabascz gashed Xavier for 19 on 5-9/2-6/7-9 shooting. Coach Mack's defenses are susceptible to pick and pop action, and there was no discernible adjustment made today. Chrabascz got clean looks from all over the floor today.

This is not the same team on the road

It just isn't. I don't know why. We got outplayed on both ends by Butler, who is a good but uninspiring team. Xavier got crushed on the glass, didn't make enough plays with the ball, and ended up on the short end of the score away from Cintas once again.