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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Where we ponder the greatest mysteries in the universe.

You know what it's time for
You know what it's time for
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good morning Musketeers! It may be cold outside, but it is never cold in the caf! Your Musketeers are 2-1 in conference play and have a critical road matchup against Butler this afternoon. Will there be another case of Hinkle Magic today? Let's not worry about that yet, it is time for questions.

1.) How well have you stuck to your new years goals?

2.) Best movie that you have seen in 2015?

3.) What is your favorite part of being in the Big East?

4.) If we're all going out to a Mexican restaurant together, what are you going to order?

5.) In honor of the game today, what is your least-favorite memory of Butler?

As always leave your answers in the comments below. Don't be shy! We would all love to hear from you lurkers. Enjoy the Saturday and stay warm with a Big East triple header on FS1. AMDG.