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2015 Player Previews

The Complete 2015-2016 Xavier player preview

A complete rundown of every Xavier player, all in one place.

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Jalen Reynolds

Matt Stainbrook left a big hole for X to fill in the middle, but another breakout performance from Jalen Reynolds would do just that.

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Myles Davis

Myles Davis had an excellent sophomore season, but the point guard question looms large over his junior campaign.

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Remy Abell

The defensive metrics are confusing, but there's absolutely no doubt about how valuable Remy Abell is to this team.

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: James Farr

James Farr could be great, could be average, or could be anywhere in between. Xavier's big has incredible tools, but he remains a tantalizing enigma.

Xavier 2015-2016 player preview: JP Macura

Can JP be scouted out of games, or does his arsenal of moves exceed a defender's ability to counter him?

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Trevon Bluiett

Trevon carried the load a lot of the time last year before he hit the freshman wall. This year he'll be doing the heavy lifting again, can he withstand the load?

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Larry Austin Jr.

LAJ took what few minutes there were as Dee Davis's backup last year, but what does his sophomore season hold?

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Sean O'Mara

If you saw Sean O'Mara play last year, there's a really good chance you saw him foul someone. Can Xavier's sophomore big cure his hacking ills and be effective this season?

Xavier 2015-2016 Player Preview: Kaiser Gates

A rail thin post player with a solid outside shot, Kaiser Gates fills the stretch four role that opponents have used to destroy Xavier for years.

Xavier 2015-2016 player preview: Makinde London

Makinde London had a year off to contemplate life and take a developmental period. Now that he's eligible, what should Xavier fans expect from him?

Xavier 2015-2016 player preview: Edmond Sumner

Edmond Sumner played some minutes last year, but it remains a mystery exactly what he is bringing to the court this season. Could he be the answer for Xavier at point guard?