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Xavier v. Macaé Video Highlights and Coach's Comments

The Muskies worked over another Brazilian squad, and now we have video to prove it.

This is what Remy Abell looked like two years ago.
This is what Remy Abell looked like two years ago.
Joe Robbins

First, the highlights:

And Coach Mack's take on the action:

I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing out of JP Macura. Not only does his stroke look like it plays from day one, but he made a nice pass to Sean O'Mara that should have been an assist and he can be seen mixing it up for position on the post in one of the other clips. Apparently more than just a shooter, that young man.

Coach Mack has clearly gone to Brazil with the goal of getting everyone some decent minutes and experimenting with different combinations of players. The results of the games are not really that important as compared to the developmental opportunity. Obviously, it's hard to tell from Ohio exactly what is coming to pass down in Brazil, but I for one am encouraged by the reports. Let us know your take on what we have seen so far in the comments section.

Xavier's final two games of the trip will be played in Rio. When I know more, I'll let you know, because that's how this site works.