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Video Highlights and Coach Mack's Comments From Brazil

Exactly what it says it is.

First, the actual game footage:

And the reaction from Coach Mack:

Box score.

Basketball is back, kind of. It's really cool seeing the team back in action, which is the main thing I took away from this. The other main thing is that Brad doesn't appreciate how hard it is to embed video from a mobile device on here. Beyond that, Macura is already knocking down threes, Bleu... Bluei... Trevon was aggressive in getting his shots up, and the box score looked a lot like what you might expect with Dee and Stainbrook missing.

The turnover thing was troubling but not entirely unexpected, as Coach Mack noted. Same logic probably goes for only having 15 assists on 35 made baskets. It's early, and the combination of rust and newness is showing. This trip is likely going to be a great thing for this squad as long as nobody gets injured, and this game was as good a start as any. Tell us in the comments what you thought about what you see from this first game.