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Wooden Bracket Revealed

Go ahead and start thinking of reason to not watch the Cowboys, Xavier is playing on Thanksgiving.

Or you could watch this guy again.
Or you could watch this guy again.
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

It's the moment all Xavier fans have been waiting for with bated breath all summer. Yes, the Wooden Legacy bracket has been announced! I'll pause for a moment so you can let the feeling of euphoria wash over you.

In all seriousness, Xavier fans now at least know how the Thanksgiving break will shake out. Xavier opens play at 4:30 on Thanksgiving Day against San Diego. San Diego finished last year ranked 140th in the KenPom and shouldn't present to great a challenge again this year. That said, this is Thanksgiving and Xavier's history in these tournaments is truly grim.

The winner of that matchup will take on the winner of UTEP (96th) and Princeton (101st). UTEP will probably be near the top of Conference USA if they don't win it outright, and ESPN analyst Dana O'Neil is already looking forward to them playing the Washington Huskies in the final game of this tournament. If Xavier were to win that second game, they would be facing the winner of a lower bracket comprised of Washington, Western Michigan, San Jose St, and Long Beach State.

For a full look at the bracket feel free to click through here.