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Xavier Brazilian Opponent Profile: Flamengo U-22

Now that we have established that Xavier is in Brazil, let's take a look at who they will be playing.

Flamengo has a rabid fan base.
Flamengo has a rabid fan base.
Mario Tama

How much about the Liga de Desenvolvimento de Basquete and its component teams do you know? If the answer is "not much," that's not really anything to be ashamed of. For one, the under-22 developmental league was only formed in 2011. For another, it's in Brazil, which leads us to why we're discussing it today.

Xavier's first game in Brazil is against Flamengo U-22, one of the top teams in the league. They won the league tournament in its first year and finished third last season. Their parent club - Flamengo, obviously - is one of the more historically successful teams in nation, having won a host of national and international honors during their 119 year existence, including four national league championships and a runner-up in the last seven years.

Unfortunately, my information regarding the actual team is nonexistent. Being associated with Flamengo is no joke, so this is something on par with playing the Lakers's academy team, if such a thing existed. Playing a popular and quality team on their home court thousands of miles from Cintas should be a good first test for the Muskies.