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Coach Mack Issues Ice Bucket Challenge to Xavier Fans

Want to get soaked, cool off, raise money for a great cause, and see Xavier's home opener for free? Coach Mack and the ALS Association have you covered (in ice water).

Coach Mack, warm and dry.
Coach Mack, warm and dry.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of the ALS Association has been ongoing for about two weeks. In the process, it has raised more than $4 million for ALS (more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, a fatal neurological condition with no known cure) research, according to the Association's press release. Now the Ice Bucket Challenge has come to Xavier Nation, as Coach Mack has issued it to all Xavier fans. I'll let the man himself explain:

Lest you think Coach Mack is a paper tiger in the realm of Ice Bucket Challenges, here's video proof of his participation:

Basically, you get drenched in ice water for both awareness and fundraising for ALS. In addition, Coach Mack is giving out four tickets to the opener for whoever submits the best video (criteria for "best" isn't entirely clear, though I suspect it will be whoever makes Coach Mack laugh the most) by 5pm Friday. Get creative. Go nuts. Watch some Dude, Perfect videos for inspiration. Most of all, raise some money to help get us one step closer to a cure for a cruel disease.