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The Xavier World Series: Team Davis takes the win

Twitter reacts to the biggest game Xavier basketball has played since March. Complete highlights and post game coverage of the team's pre-Brazil bragging rights softball game.

A lot swinging led to not a lot of contact.
A lot swinging led to not a lot of contact.
Andy Lyons

Preseason team bonding takes many different forms in the realm of college sports. Teams have done everything from high ropes courses, to whitewater rafting, to traveling to China and fighting people. This year's Xavier squad eschewed all that in favor of the of the favorite sport of the somewhat less athletically gifted. Yes, this year was the very first Xavier World Series of slow pitch softball.

Team Davis and Team Stain were the sides and, of course, hashtags and TwitPics were the preferred battleground of the trash talkers.

Come the hour of the game, come more pictures on Twitter and a set of players that seemed to be genuinely enjoying the chance to take each other on in a game usually played by guys with Matt Stainbrook's weight and Dee Davis' height.

It has to be difficult to try to look hard before a softball game, but kudos to the guys for trying. After a snack for Dee Davis, and some batting practice (?), it was on.

Team Stainbrook leapt to an early lead, but then a disturbing trend emerged. College athletes started striking out, swinging, in a game of softball.

That's embarrassing, guys. Team Stainbrook powered out to a massive early lead thanks to their talismanic captain, but perhaps the most competitive person in the program wasn't going down without a fight.

It was high drama as the game entered the seventh with the coach and his point guard having trailed all game.

Apparently all the swinging and missing was just a ploy, because...

This trophy is no joke.

It wouldn't be the social media age if there weren't immediately videos available from the field. If you've tuned out to this point, you'll want to tune back in to watch Jalen Reynolds describe his approach at the plate.

Highlights from them game:

A note of thanks to Rick Broering and Cliff Jenkins for the work they did yesterday to bring everyone pictures and play by play from the game. The boys of winter may not be diamond ready, but it's good to see basketball making headlines around Xavier again.