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Jon Rothstein's Take on Xavier

Jon Rothstein, who has seen his share of basketball, had some encouraging things to say about the Muskies when he visited practice.

Is Jalen Reynolds ready to spread his wings and fly?
Is Jalen Reynolds ready to spread his wings and fly?
Gregory Shamus

Judging by the amount of attention our retweets of his tweets got, people on Twitter liked Jon Rothstein's information about the look of the Xavier program when he stopped by. I'll cut right to that, then hit you with some of my thoughts.

That's a lot of information, but it addresses some key concerns people might have. I'll just put a couple of thoughts in bullet points and then see what develops in the comments and on Twitter:

  • Good to hear that Jalen is looking good. He has incredible skills, and if his body is up for a long and physical season, he'll be a one-man wrecking crew.
  • I think the rotation will be an issue, too. When you're adding seven guys to six returnees, there are almost no set roles.
  • It's interesting that he said X has 11 capable players. Who are the two he's leaving out?
  • I have concerns about how thin Sumner is; apparently Rothstein does too.
  • I think Larry Austin, Jr can be Dee Davis 2.0 by the time he's done at X. A great late signing by the staff.

It's great to see information coming out as the summer basketball season begins to get moving. What did you think of what Rothstein saw at Xavier? What questions do you still have about this year's team?