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World Cup: What to watch day 14

Hopefully no one gets bitten today as Group E and Group F enter their final stages. As yesterday, the 4pm kickoffs look to be the best.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed yesterday's action but have an internet connection, there's a good chance you didn't miss the main story. Luis Suarez, a striker for Uruguay and Liverpool, completed his hat trick by biting someone while on the pitch for the third time in his career. Incidents in 2010 in the Netherlands and 2013 in England had apparently not sated Suarez for man flesh, because he bit Gorgio Chiellini in yesterday's match against Italy. Far from just a nuzzle (as if that would somehow have been ok) Suarez bit the Italian so hard that he left discernible and distinct marks even through the jersey. The referee didn't see the incident and chose not to act on the impromptu dental record Chiellini had taken, and Uruguay went on to score the winner through Diego Godin. Elsewhere, Columbia, Greece, and Costa Rica also advanced.

Noon kickoffs (Group F):
Nigeria (4, +1) v. Argentina (6, +2)
Bosnia (0, -2) v. Iran (1, -1)

Argentina is through no matter what happens today, and Iran needs a win and a two goal difference to go through. That leaves Nigeria, currently sitting on four points hoping to secure a draw with an Argentine squad that they will hope are not playing at full tilt. Any sort of result for the Super Eagles and they are on to the knockout rounds. Bosnia, appearing in the World Cup for the first time ever, will attempt to salvage a bit of pride by avoiding the whitewash against Iran.

4pm kickoffs (Group E):
Switzerland (3, -2) v. Honduras (0, -4)
France (6, +6) v. Ecuador (3, 0)

This set of games will require some watching. Barring a literally historic result, France is through based on their goal difference. Ecuador currently holds the second position, but is level on points with Switzerland. Ecuador advances with a win or a draw, so long as they hold on to their two goal advantage. The Swiss can advance with a win, so long as they both win and pass Ecuador on goal difference. That means they will be pouring forward against a Honduran team that has already allowed five goals. Should both Ecuador and Switzerland lose, Ecuador goes through.