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World Cup: What to watch Day 10

It's not the exciting slate of yesterday, but there are plot lines galore in today's World Cup action.

The Germans are all smiles as they command Group F
The Germans are all smiles as they command Group F
Martin Rose

World Cup action yesterday saw Costa Rica beat an Italy team that seemed unmotivated at best to knock England all the way out of the tournament and all but ensure their own advancing. In Group E, France and Ecuador both won to set up a final round of matches in which those two will meet with six points and Switzerland will meet a hapless Honduras needing to win, and win convincingly. The tournament continues to be full of good games and not hardly the painful grind of four years ago.

Argentina v. Iran- 12pm- ESPN

Argentina wasn't convincing in dispatching Bosnia in the first round and ended up needing Lionel Messi to save the three points. A change from the 5-3-2 they started the game in back to their more comfortable 4-3-3 seemed to make the difference. The Argentine squad did defend better than anyone expected, so they have become something of a group play darling and a win here seals their place in the knockout rounds. Iran has a point after a dire draw with Nigeria and may hold out some hope to advance. That will most likely expire here.

Watch this game if: You want to see if Argentina scores an American football touchdown.

Germany v. Ghana- 3pm- ESPN

In the group of Germany and three teams playing for second, Ghana faces perhaps the best team in the tournament and need a point to sustain any semblance of hope to advance. The Germans swept Portugal aside without seeming to ever shift into high gear behind a hat trick from Thomas Muller and a complete collapse from the Portuguese. Die Mannschaft are far and away the class of this group and will probably focus mostly on not getting hurt.

Watch this game if: You want to see the myth of Germans as nothing more than efficient machines dispelled.

Nigeria v. Bosnia-Herzegovina- 6pm- ESPN

Nigeria enters this game with a point after somehow failing to score against Iran. Bosnia remains, rightfully, the media darlings of the tournament despite losing late to Argentina. The Bosnians have Iran in the final game of the group and are virtually assured of a win there, meaning that a point in this game leaves them on course for four and hoping that Argentina beats Nigeria later next week. Nigeria will hold out hope that a point here and a draw against the Albiceleste will somehow do the job. An unexpected win here for the Super Eagles would leave them with one foot in the knockout rounds.

Watch this game if: You think Bosnia will throw caution to the wind and attack from the go.