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World Cup: Watch to watch Day 7

One week is in the books and, as teams return for their second games, the stakes are raised.

Will this man play today, or is del Bosque determined to lose?
Will this man play today, or is del Bosque determined to lose?
David Ramos

If you didn't enjoy the first run through the slate at this World Cup, you should look into the idea that soccer isn't for you. Fifteen of the sixteen games crackled to life at some point, with the dire nil draw between Nigeria and Iran standing out as the only fly in the ointment. The games have been open and entertaining, and even the minnows have shown remarkable pluck in throwing men into attack. Things are getting a bit sorted now, and as everyone plays his second game, a clear picture of what needs to be done to advance should only heighten the level of play we've seen so far.

12 p.m.: Australia vs. Netherlands (ESPN)
Of course, after that lively opening paragraph, there is a chance the first game of the day is a raging butt-kicking. The Dutch are coming off of completely dismantling an aging but still fancied Spanish side, perhaps finally bringing a close to that era of sterile soccer. The Australians, in the meantime, got it fed to them by Chile their first time out and are one of the few teams present in Brazil who can honestly claim the natural beauty of the setting isn't a step up from their homeland. Holland has the clear advantage in both class and form here; anything other than a comprehensive victory would be stunning.

Interest level: a 3 v. 14 opening-round game where the 3 has a great offense and the 14 has better tattoos

3 p.m.: Spain vs. Chile (ESPN)
The other Group B matchup could be the death knell of this Spanish team. Sporting zero points and a goal differential of -4, they need to not only beat Chile but open up a can on them. The Chileans did give up as many goals as any team qualifying from CONMEBOL this cycle, but I can't imagine they will be naive or even very aggressive in their setup considering that a draw sees them put one foot in the knockout stages. Do Spain have the firepower to break them down? Questionable.

Interest level: tournament play-in game, more interesting for the stakes than the match itself

6 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Croatia performed bravely in their opener against Brazil and were hard done by to not come away with at least a point. They'll face down a Cameroon team - awesomely known as the Indomitable Lions - that sprung to life against Mexico after going down a goal and were only denied a point by some sensational work between the pipes by Guillermo Ochoa. Both teams are really up against it now and probably need two wins to advance into the elimination stages, so look for a cagey opening and a game gradually growing in purpose and desperation until the first goal.

Interest level: massive bubble game the week before the conference tournaments start