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World Cup: What to Watch Day 4

France takes the field for the first World Cup since their 2010 walk off, while Switzerland will attempt to earn their seeded position. But all eyes will, deservedly, be on Bosnia's World Cup debut.

Vedad Ibisevic and Bosnia make their World Cup debut on Sunday.
Vedad Ibisevic and Bosnia make their World Cup debut on Sunday.
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I cannot summarize the action form day three here, because I'm saving the England game to watch when I return home from work at 3am. If soccer is new to you and the World Cup inspired you to give it a try, I certainly hope you didn't start with a game featuring Greece. As always, all the coverage that you could possibly want can be found here, courtesy of SB Nation.

Switzerland v. Ecuador- 12 noon- ABC

Switzerland landed as a seeded team due to the vagaries of both the UEFA and FIFA systems. That's patently absurd, but that doesn't mean the Swiss are a bad team. They'll attack with some menace and could advance from the group. Ecuador is without their best player, Christian Benitez, who died after not receiving medical attention after he went to the hospital in Qatar. That Qatar has no real hospital system and was complicit in the death of one of the potential starts of this tournament has not kept FIFA from awarding the 2022 World Cup to them.

Interest level: Early season WAC. May not be great, but why not watch?

France v. Honduras- 3pm- ABC

France roared to life in the end of their qualifying campaign and made it into the tournament through the UEFA playoff. This French side is loaded with attacking talent (Cabaya, Benzema, Matuidi, Pogba, and Remy to name a few) and probably won't all throw a hissy fit and leave like they did in the last World Cup. Honduras, meanwhile, qualified out of a weak CONCACAF and has a defense untested at this level.

Interest level: Watching VCU play a team with no point guard.

Argentina v. Bosnia-Herzegovina -6pm- ESPN

If you were born in the same generation as the Banners staff, you don't need to be told why Bosnia playing as a united nation in the World Cup is a significant story. Forward Vedad Ibisevic literally lived in a hole at times during his youth in order to avoid being murdered. 19 years ago, the team recruited retired players and had four players join the team on the very day of their first match as a nation. Now, they face a footballing giant in Argentina. The Argentines have four attackers as good as any in the tournament with Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, and Angel di Maria. They may be soft at the back, but they'll run forward anyway.

Interest level: A Final Four game. How often do you get to see a nation debut in anything?