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World Cup: What to watch Day 2

The World Cup is in full swing, and we've got a one paragraph breakdown of each game, complete with a super creative basketball tie-in!

These two meet up in today's biggest match.
These two meet up in today's biggest match.
Ian Walton

Most of the world is caught up in World Cup fever and we here at Banners are no exception. While basketball is, and always will be, our first love, we all have played soccer at levels ranging from U6 to full fledged club. This doesn't have anything to do with Xavier, so if you're hoping for that, I'm sorry to disappoint. If you just want a quick rundown on the day's games and really enjoy our take on things though, read on.

Yesterday's big news was the awarding of a penalty to Brazil when the very unoriginally named Fred took a dive under the very slightest of contact. That broke a 1-1 stalemate and sent Brazil on their way to a tournament opening 3-1 win over Croatia. Today group A finishes their first set of games and group B swings into action.

Mexico v. Cameroon- Noon- ESPN2

If you're a big supporter of the US, this one probably doesn't rank very high on the must watch list. Mexico staggered through qualifying but has been handed a golden opportunity to put an early gap between themselves and Croatia in the hunt for the second advancing spot out of group A. Cameroon will desperately hope that their either 42 or 33 year old striker Samuel Eto'o will keep them in contention.

Level of interest: Horizon League game

Spain v. Netherlands- 3pm- ESPN

This is the big one of today and possibly of the entire group stage. A rematch of last World Cup's final, this game will go a long way toward determining if the Dutch have a chance of advancing this year. A loss for Robin van Persie and his host of attacking counterparts and they'll need to defeat Chile. This game could degenerate into a cagey draw if both teams bag a goal early. Banners favorite Juan Mata should feature for Spain.

Level of interest: Big Ten game. Close, but might grind out late.

Chile v. Australia- 6pm- ESPN2

If the low scores are what bore you about soccer (and yet you watch baseball), this might be the game for you. Chile will win when they overpower other teams. Australia will win Jesus Christ Himself intervenes. If Netherlands loses in the first game of the day from group B, Chile will have an excellent chance in this game to put themselves in control of their own destiny.

Level of interest: West Coast late tip-off game. Could be entertaining, beats anything else going on.

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