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NFL Draft Coverage

The NFL Draft starts today, here are the places to go to get the very best coverage.

Please God, let this guy be there at number four.
Please God, let this guy be there at number four.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you own a radio, television, or the internet, you may be aware that the NFL Draft occurs this week. The event is semi-jokingly referred to here in Cleveland as the Browns Super Bowl and represents the only chance for fans of moribund football franchises to get excited. Unless, of course, Kevin Costner stars in a movie about your team in the offseason.

Here at Banners we will not have wall-to-wall draft coverage, but we can at least get you pointed in the right direction. SB Nation's main NFL page will have all the up to the minute coverage you could possibly want. Looking forward to watching Teddy Bridgewater slide farther and farther down the board? This is the place for you.

If you join the Banners staff in supporting the Cleveland Browns, my condolences. To react immediately after the Browns inexplicably take a kicker or offensive lineman with the first pick, hit Dawgs by Nature, where Chris and his staff already have a live thread up and waiting. Yes, it has more than 100 comments by noon. Browns fans apparently show out, even we are dreadful.

If you insist on being a Bengals fan, there's a place for you as well. The Bengals think this will be their year, because they think every year is theirs. Is Marvin Lewis still the coach, or did they fire him for not winning playoff games? Any road, Cincy Jungle does a great job of providing comprehensive coverage of the team. Might I suggest an actual quarterback in the first round?

If you are a fan of the Steelers or Ravens I'm going to take a page from Owen Wilson's book in Wedding Crashers, and invite you to kindly leave. Anyone else, feel free to tell us who you want to see your team take in the first round. Personally, I'm hoping for Sammy Watkins to compliment Josh Gordon. I can always dream.