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Mick Cronin unhappy, again

While the rest of the area celebrates, Mick Cronin is once again mad about something.

"Someone pay attention to me!!!"
"Someone pay attention to me!!!"
Stephen Dunn

While the resumption of a proper Crosstown Shootout has been met with elation by most, things at the University of Cincinnati are not all rosy. Mick Cronin has said in the past that he would never coach another game at the Cintas Center. That isn't a problem this year, as UC hosts the game, but it could lead to issues in the future. You would think that the administration and the head coach would be on the same page for so momentous a decision, but apparently that isn't the case.

Cronin has been an advocate of keeping the games downtown and has stated this (and anything else he can think of to get in front of cameras) many times. Cronin was not in attendance for the press conference announcing the move, and that immediately attracted attention from local media.

Debate about the level of work McAlister does is very legitimate, but to see such an obviously pro-Bearcat "journalist" start asking the questions was noteworthy. New UC athletic director Mike Bohn addressed the issue by saying that he and his coach had a "candid discussion" about the game moving back on campus but that both eventually agreed that was the right idea. Cronin is rumored to be quite unhappy behind the scenes and his official statement does nothing to quell that:

I do have many concerns about fan behavior and basic decorum in this rivalry. I have and will continue to voice them to our administrators. I believe we have to be honest about the severity of some stuff that has gone on and eventually permeates to the teams. To me, this is more important than where the game is played.

It might just be a ripple in the pond, or it might be the start of a major falling out between coach and administration, but once again Mick Cronin has taken the chance to very publicly make his feelings over a situation known. Rest assured, this won't be the last time you see the bitter little man ranting about something this year.