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Xavier and UC to hold Shootout press conference

A 5:30 presser this evening should announce that the Crosstown Shootout is coming back to on-campus sites.

These gentlemen will probably not be fielding questions
These gentlemen will probably not be fielding questions
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

According to the Xavier athletics department, the school and crosstown rival Cincinnati will hold a press conference at 5:30 this evening to discuss the future of the Crosstown Shootout/Classic. The conference will be held at the Skyline Chili location on East 4th street downtown. While the official press release is vague in the extreme, "about the future of the XU-UC men's basketball rivalry," rumor is heavy on Twitter that the schools will be making a joint announcement that the game will be moving back on campus.

The game has been played off campus for the last two years after a little incident you may have heard about on ESPN marred the 2011 Xavier win. Last year Xavier won again in front of what might as well have been a home crowd after the UC fans packed it in early in the second half. Moving the games back on campus would no doubt do a lot to aid ticket revenue for both schools (obviously) as well as get the game moving back in the right direction. Hopefully, the era of overreaction is over.