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The Big East in the Transfer Market, part two

We look at which teams may bring in a transfer, as well as those who have them coming eligible mid-season.

Will this guy be in the Big East next year? (It's Austin Etherington)
Will this guy be in the Big East next year? (It's Austin Etherington)
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

For the purposes of this exercise, we'll primarily focus on players who could play for a Big East team this season. That will mean focusing on mid-season transfers and players who will be immediately eligible. We'll also touch on players who are being linked to schools fairly for a sit-out year or who have already signed on. Of course, Xavier is at their roster capacity and will not factor in the transfer market this season.

The Bulldogs have four open scholarships, so it's not unlikely that they will be active in the transfer scene this year. They have holes at just about every position, so anyone looking for a shot at real playing time will find Hinkle an attractive destination. Big East Coast Bias is linking NC State point guard and Xavier nemesis Tyler Lewis with a move to Butler. Lewis is a pass-first point guard who led the ACC in assist rate last year. Goodman also has them linked with 7' Va Tech transfer Trevor Thompson, but that seems like a long shot.

Unless Grant Gibbs comes back again, the Bluejays have a space open (perhaps the one they didn't use in their team's name). The Bluejays have a stong set of guards coming back, but their frontcourt is a little thin. Anthony Lee from Temple would have been a great fit for them, but Tennessee State transfer M.J. Rhett might also fit the bill if Coach McDermott chooses to go the transfer route.

DePaul's roster is full.

The Hoyas have an open scholarship and some questions regarding their backcourt depth. DSR is back, but their only other returning guard is Jabril Trawick, and neither of those players is a true point guard. With questionable depth last season and their only true point this year incoming freshman Tre Campbell, Coach Thompson may need to go after a transfer. UNLV's Bryce Dejean-Jones is fun to watch and can really fill it up, but New Mexico States' K.C. Ross-Miller may be the best ball distributor out there.

Marquette is oversigned right now. It should be noted that they will have 6'11" Indiana transfer Luke Fischer coming eligible in the second semester. Fischer is a skilled center who was homesick in Indiana and chose to transfer back closer to his home in Wisconsin.

Providence has three open scholarships for the 2014 season at this point. Getting healthy and eligible and what not will be their biggest priority, but adding backcourt depth will be right after that. The Friars are bringing in three fairly heralded recruits for the forward positions, but adding Dejean-Jones or Ross-Miller or someone else with a hyphenated last name would be a huge boon to Coach Cooley's team.

Seton Hall:
Seton Hall's roster is full. One of their players next season will be 7'2" Northwestern transfer Chier Ajou. Ajou is going on 23 years old but will have either two or three years of eligibility remaining once the NCAA makes an arbitrary ruling. Ajou is big (obviously) and has some defensive chops, but his finer basketball skills are still very much a work in progress.

St. John's:
Only two of St. John's eight returning players are big men in any capacity, so adding bulk up front should be a priority of the Johnnies. With five open scholarships and no incoming freshman signed, there will be plenty of flexibility for Coach Lavin and his staff. They aren't currently linked to anyone, but you would have to imagine they have at least put calls out to players like Indiana's Austin Etherington and maybe even Longwood's Jeylani Dublin or Hofstra's Jordan Allen.

Nova has three open scholarships this season, but they are functional and deep at just about every position. They haven't been linked to anyone out there, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that they would pick up a player who they could sit for a year while he learned the system and waited to become eligible.