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Bubble Watch: 3/9

A recap of yesterday's bubble action and looks at the four home teams defending their at-large hopes today.

Steve Bardens

A quick rundown of last night's action: St. John's beat Marquette, which combined with a bunch of other things to give Xavier the 3 seed in the Big East tournament and a date with Marquette in the first game. Memphis beat SMU, which doesn't help or hurt X that much. Favorable results include Georgetown, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Providence, and Missouri all losing. Pitt dodged a bullet with a one-point win over Clemson, Oregon got a resume win to seal their trip with a win over Arizona, Dayton won, and California nipped Colorado to stay in the hunt.

Caught up? Good. Here are today's games. Cheer against the teams in bold with the passion of a billion flaming suns (or whatever).

2:00 PM (7) Syracuse at Florida State
Florida State has been in danger of dropping off the bubble for some time now, but a win over a top-ten team would be a huge boost for their resume at this point in the year. The Seminoles would still likely have a little work to do, depending on how everything else broke, but it would be a nice start. Obviously, we don't want them to have nice things, so cheer for them to lose.

4:00 PM La Salle at Saint Joseph's CBS Sports Network
I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about how awesome the A-10 is. Saint Joseph's is one of their bubble teams, but tournament teams by and large don't lose at home to this year's La Salle squad. Hope the Explorers pick up a big road win and make a certain four-letter network that is still bitter about losing the Big East shut up for a minute.

5:15 PM Penn State at Minnesota Big Ten Network
This is not an opportunity for Minnesota to burnish their resume to any meaningful degree so much as it is a land mine they have to dodge on their way to the conference tournament. Penn State - despite having beaten OSU twice - is not going to be a resume win for anyone this year. If the Golden Gophers stumble here - and how could they with a nickname that fearsome? - they're going to have some work to do next week.

7:30 PM (9) Wisconsin at Nebraska Big Ten Network
I loves me some Bo Ryan. That's neither here nor there in this discussion, but let's get it out there. The Badgers can do X a favor by knocking off Nebraska here. The Corn Huskers (is that all one word? I feel like googling it would end up making me late to church) need a win to get out of the last four in/first four out discussion, and I hope they don't get it.