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Possible Xavier Big East Tournament scenarios

Confused about what today's games mean for Xavier? Here is all the discerning Musketeers fan needs to know as the Big East slate wraps up.

"Ok, carry the one..."
"Ok, carry the one..."
Ker Robertson

Xavier has finished the Big East conference slate ahead of every team other than DePaul. That leaves the Musketeers sitting and waiting, and Matt Stainbrook hopefully rehabbing, while the rest of the conference plays today to determine who meets whom and when in the Big East Tournament next week. Here are the myriad possibilities still remaining for the Musketeers.

If Providence wins: The Friars head to Creighton in the latest scheduled game of the day. If the Friars go to Creighton and complete the season sweep, Xavier is the #4 seed. If Xavier lands in that 4/5 game they play on Thursday at 230pm. Who Xavier plays in that game is a still a matter of conjecture. St. John's and Marquette meet a noon today. If the Red Storm win, they sew up the #5 seed in the tournament at Madison Square Garden and would meet Xavier in this scenario. If Marquette wins, they are the fifth seed and they meet Xavier.

Quick summation: If the Friars beat Creighton on the road, Xavier meets the winner of the St. John's and Marquette game. A win over either of those teams would quite helpful in terms of making an NCAA appearance. Assuming a win there, Villanova would most likely wait in the semifinals.

If Providence loses: If the Friars head out to Omaha and lose, Xavier becomes the #3 seed and plays at 930pm on Thursday. Here things get a bit complicated. Xavier could meet St. John's, Marquette, or Georgetown in that game. If Marquette beats St. John's and Georgetown beats Villanova away, then the Musketeers meet the Hoyas for the third time. Both of the first two meetings were routs, though in vastly different ways. If St. John's wins, Xavier gets Marquette here. If Marquette wins and Georgetown loses, Xavier would face St. John's in this game.

Quick summation: If Providence loses to Creighton, Xavier meets the loser of St. John's and Marquette, unless that loser is St. John's and Georgetown also wins, in which case the Musketeers meet Georgetown again.