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Xavier v. Villanova: Q&A Part Two

We answered Chris Lane's questions on Semaj, the Stain Train, and the WWE. Here's a taste and a link to the whole enchilada.

Darrun Hilliard has one of the Big East's more unique follow throughs.
Darrun Hilliard has one of the Big East's more unique follow throughs.
Mitchell Leff

The nice guys over at VU Hoops called our blog fabulous, so we're pretty excited about life right now. They also asked us some questions in preparation for tomorrow's game. Here's a sampling of the exchange:

VU Hoops: With just one game left in Xavier's inaugural Big East season, what are your lasting impressions? What exceeded your expectations and what disappointed you?

Banners: It's hard to say that anything disappointed me. The entire experience has just been a clear step up from where we were. I'd say what exceeded expectations was the "any given Sunday" feel of each game. With the exception of Butler, there weren't games where I didn't see at least one way both teams could've won. DePaul was bad, but even they were better than the usual end of season teams we were seeing. Of course, that wasn't as exciting when we lost to Seton Hall right after knocking off Creighton.

The rest can be found at their site right here. VU Hoops is your source for all things Villanova-related (Villanovan?) for this game and indeed the rest of the year. Check back in with us as we will preview, cover, and autopsy tomorrow's game in our usual fashion.