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Bubble Watch: 3/4

Xavier lost last night. Cheer against these teams tonight out of spite.

Ezra Shaw

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: Xavier lost at Seton Hall and didn't look particularly good doing it. The Muskies are now 15-1 in Cincinnati and 5-9 outside of the city. That doesn't bode well for the future, as neither the Big East tournament nor the NCAA tournament is in that particular city. Xavier's last game in Cinci will be Thursday against Nova; from there on out, they're going to need to figure out how to win in other zip codes.

TJ Warren dropped 41 on the Pitt Panthers, his eighth 30+ point game of the year, and dealt a great blow to their tournament hopes when he emphatically slammed down a game sealing dunk in the waning seconds of the game. If you want to make the NCAAs, giving up 41 to a single player probably isn't the way to do it.

Oklahoma State, on the other hand, took care of business against Kansas State. 16 point wins, even those at home, get the committee's attention. The Cowboys have rebounded from their seven game slide and are on the verge of playing themselves right back into the tournament.

Today brings us another set of bubble-related basketball games. As you well know by now, the teams in bold are on the bubble. Cheer for them to make themselves look silly so Xavier shines by comparison.

7:00 PM (13) Creighton at Georgetown FOX Sports 1
Georgetown has been up and down all year, but they have the chance to beat a ranked team and gain some much-needed momentum heading into the Big East tournament. None of the teams in the top 6 in the Big East are going to be out of it until the bell rings on the tournament final. There are chances for good wins galore still ahead of each of the BE bubble teams, it's just a matter of taking advantage of them.

7:00 PM (16) Iowa State at Baylor ESPN2
Baylor has some work to do before they're comfortable, but they are probably at least in the First Four right now. Nobody ever wants to go to Dayton, though, and certainly nobody wants to participate in a play-in game there. The Bears can do themselves a huge favor if they beat a highly-regarded Iowa State team here.

8:00 PM Miami (FL) at Clemson
Clemson is well adrift of the bubble and would probably have to run the table to their conference tournament championship game to earn at-large consideration, but they're still in contention if the teams ahead of them stumble. Conversely, a loss tonight would be about it for their hopes outside of a miracle automatic bid.

9:00 PM Marquette at Providence FOX Sports 1
Both of these teams desperately need a win to get back in the good graces of the committee. Joe Lunardi doesn't even mention Marquette, and SBN's Chris Dobbertean only has them in the "others being considered" category. Any more losses put them in a real bind. Providence is in the first four out right now, but that's certainly not a comfortable position. Tune in to see two desperate teams fight tooth and nail to earn an at-large berth.

9:00 PM Florida State at Boston College ESPNU
Florida State is in the same basic position as Providence. Boston College is a decent team that was buried by a brutal non-conference schedule from which they never recovered. BC is not an easy win, especially not at their place, but Florida State has to convert this one or they will fall well back of the last/next four out discussion.

11:00 PM Arizona State at Oregon FOX Sports 1
Finally, a west-coast game for all you night people, college kids, and folks with non-traditional work schedules. Arizona State has played themselves into a solid position, probably sitting in an 8/9 game right now. Oregon is right on the edge of a going to Dayton or making the field proper. A win here helps them avoid that ugly fate, but dropping a home game to a team not that far ahead of them on the curve will probably be enough to put them in the first four out.