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Monday housekeeping

Checking the Twitter inbox and bashing ESPN. All in a day's work.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

A few things have come across the desk today and, before we all settle in for the night's game, I figured I'd address them.

Ryan Williamson (@SocraticReview) asked our opinion on this on Twitter. I wish I had a great scoop for everyone, but it seems like Semaj is keeping his cards close on this one. In my opinion, he's still a year away from being a lottery pick. I do think if he left now he'd go in the first round. Keep in mind that Rajon Rondo plays in the NBA, so it's not like Semaj is well adrift talent-wise.

If you get the feeling that I meant "Twitter feed" in the first sentence where I typed "desk", I'll just say that you aren't entirely wrong. This article has Xavier jumping from 6th in the Big East to 3rd. That gives some indication of how tightly packed the middle of this conference is. Ken Pomeroy has Xavier in 3rd in the Big East with the #41 spot in his rankings and Georgetown 7th at #55. It's a tight group after Nova and Creighton.

Creighton's Isaiah Zierden is out indefinitely after the injury he suffered at Xavier. His MCL is definitely damaged, it's possible he suffered a patella dislocation, and he has another MRI today. It's hard not to feel bad for the poor kid, who already sat one season as a redshirt.

Finally, this is ESPN's coverage of the Big East on the College Basketball Nation blog. After failing with a bid somewhere close to $1.5 billion for the rights to cover the conference in its new state, ESPN has now decided to act like it doesn't exist. Between that and the absurd Requiem for the Big East 30 for 30, the worldwide leader is acting a lot like a jealous lover scorned. 30 for 30 has been brilliant with 9.79*, The Two Escobars, and Youngstown Boys, just to name a few. Using it to advance a party line seems weak and petty.

Just because.