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Future Fantastic Freshman: Edmond Sumner

This season has turned into next, and Edmond Sumner has been super active on the twittersphere. Let's meet him!

Given his set of skills, I like to imagine Ed finished this
Given his set of skills, I like to imagine Ed finished this

Edmond Sumner is a lanky 6'3 point guard out of Detroit Country Day School. He's got a, dare I say it, Semaj-esque game. From what I've seen, his handle is beyond solid, his finishing at the rim is superb, and has something that Semaj didn't bring to the table his first year; range from the 3-point arc. Those worried about the lack of build need not worry with Sumner, as he boasts the same stats of 6'3 160-170 that Semaj did when he signed his name to Xavier. The shoes left behind by Semaj whenever he leaves will be huge, but Sumner may have the potential to be a quality replacement come his upperclassmen years. Additionally, with a number of weapons to facilitate to, Edmond Sumner can rack up assists early and often.

Sumner won't just be looking for dimes all day. With 20+ minutes of highlight reels, Sumner has displayed some undeniably good skills on the hardwood. He's shown me that we may have another Semaj on our hands. High praise indeed.