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Duke eliminated

Has someone out there been really prayerful recently? After the forces of evil lost both Ohio State and UC yesterday, today saw Duke eliminated in the very first game that tipped off. A late run, and the usual amount of officiating help, had pushed Duke out to five point lead, but Mercer came off the mat and answered. Anthony White Jr. scored eight points in the last 2:45 of the game, including a game tying three pointer and made his free throws to sal the game away. Duke kept hacking and kept missing and that was pretty much that.

That just leaves Dayton and UK as completely reprehensible teams still in play. Dayton did us the great favor of removing Aaron Craft and the Buckeyes, but the only thing that UK could possibly do (and probably will do) is knock off the greatly overrated Wichita State squad. Hopefully Cal Poly will do that and we can all just keep cheering for Kentucky to lose. So whoever is out there really getting their prayer work in, keep it up, we've only got a couple to go.