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Banners Bracket Contest, day one

After an amazing day of games, we have a lone leader in the bracket contest. Sadly, none of us are still in play for the billion dollars.

This is how you feel if your national champ is on the ropes in the first round.
This is how you feel if your national champ is on the ropes in the first round.

The action started early, as UD knocked off OSU. That eliminated 81% of brackets from's list of perfect pick sets, but it had less of an impact on Banners. We hate UD, but we apparently hate OSU, Thad Matta, and possibly Aaron Craft more. Either that or people actually picked who they thought would win rather than just who they were hoping would lose.

After day one, The Shot Heard Round The World sits alone with 15 correct selections out of the 16 games. Only the OSU game, ironically enough, kept them from perfection. He/she is still in play for 119 possible points on the tournament. Sitting in second is a herd of folks a single game off the pace. Three of those five have Florida as the national champ and 118 points still possible, so separation will need to be established before that point. It probably will, because this is March.

Two games off the pace is a group of nine brackets that have 13 of 16 picks right. Florida is again a popular choice there, but I'm guessing the pair of people who have Louisville going all the way were less than thrilled with how that game was developing.

Farther down, Bryan is well adrift with 12 correct selections, and my boys Dee Davis's Dudes are laying low with 10. Keep your heads up, gang, there's still plenty of ball to be played. In case you forgot to bookmark, the group can be found here.