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A Breakdown of UC's Breakdown

Only one minute from advancing into the second round, UC and Mick Cronin lost control of the game.

Angry elf confused
Angry elf confused

With time winding down and the chips on the table, UC cracked; and nothing makes me happier. 5 plays stand out in my mind that doomed the Bearcats and lifted my spirits as high as they could:

1) With 54 seconds remaining and down 3, Sean Kilpatrick found Titus Rubles in the corner with a wide open lane. Rubles, only slightly contested at the basket, flubbed a bunny. The ball was knocked out of bounds, and UC held possession, which leads me to the following play.

2) Now with 47 seconds remaining,Sean Kilpatrick forgot how to dribble a basketball. That's all that needs to be said

3) With 25 seconds remaining, Harvard inbounded the ball, and it took UC forever and a day to foul, letting precious seconds tick away. Great job guys.

4) With 12 seconds remaining, Kilpatrick abandoned a drive to the basket and instead dished it to some other incompetent oaf they had on the floor who was hilariously off on a three point attempt.

and last but not least,

5) Sean Kilpatrick, in his infinite wisdom, decided to stroll his way on up the court, completely disregarding the fact that there were only 11.8 seconds left on the clock. SK didn't even attempt a shot until there were 4 seconds left, effectively eliminating any hope of mounting any kind of comeback.

Way to go Mick, way to go Kilpatrick, way to go UC.