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Colorado may have been overseeded

In our South Region preview Bryan said "the gulf between Pitt and Colorado in KenPom ranking contains all the 5/12 matchups, all the other 8/9, all the 7/10, all the 6/11 (except Tennessee), and a couple of 4 seeds." Sure enough, the Buffaloes took a 77-48 hiding from Pitt and, after never deserving to be in, are now out of the tournament. Coming into today's game, Colorado was 68th in the KenPom ratings. Despite that, they avoided the play-in games and somehow landed an eight seed. Had the rankings been awarded based on a computer system, Colorado would have been a 12. Once again, the committee's ridiculous selection was exposed as plainly as it could be. Anything can happen in a single game, but Colorado never had any business getting the chance.