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Xavier v. Creighton: More Highlights

Are you bored of that game yet? Neither am I.

Coach Mack urges JMart to calm down.
Coach Mack urges JMart to calm down.
Joe Robbins

Not nearly as extensive as the ones Xavier provides, but it does give you a chances to listen to the inimitable Gus Johnson. It also has a great reaction shot of JMart looking bored as can be after he buries that three ball off the bounce. Dude has zero facial expressions. Like, he literally doesn't even have one. I guess it can be irritating when he's not doing well, but it's flat out endearing to watch him ball out while looking like he's sitting through a lecture on 18th century French lit. Do your thing, my man. Hopefully we get to hear more of Gus Johnson calling Xavier games before the whole bit is done and dusted. It's borderline criminal that he isn't calling the tournament anymore. Write you local congressional representatives and tell them that you and all the American people demand a promt move towards justice in this matter.