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Banners Bracket Challenge

To the victor go absolutely no spoils, but we'd love to have you join our bracket challenge. After all, what's March without a bracket?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Come tomorrow night around 9PM Eastern time, only one game is going to matter. For now though, the bracket is an enticing mix of what could happen (American is still in it!), what you want to happen (the rare double loss in the OSU/Dayton game), and what most likely will happen (Kansas choking). If you are like the rest of the western world and are filling out a bracket this year, we'd love to have you compete with us. There are no prizes on offer other than bragging rights, but that should be more than enough.

To join our group simply click through to Yahoo here, and enter the word "bowtie" as the password. Invite your friends, drop this link on your Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media site is cool for this second, and let's get everyone in here.