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Bubble Watch: 3/12

It's less than a week until Selection Sunday and the bubble action is about to heat up in a big way.

This gal is a lot less casual about bubbles than I am right now.
This gal is a lot less casual about bubbles than I am right now.
Otto Greule Jr

Today is going to be a slowish day for bubble action, as the conference tournaments with potential bid thieves are winding down and the more major conference tournaments are winding up. Early round dead weight (Butler, for instance) will be shed before the teams with meaningful at-large resumes enter the fray closer to the weekend. The most important result from last night was Gonzaga's win over BYU, which will likely drop BYU to the wrong side of the bubble and leave the WCC as a one-bid conference.

As per the norm, teams in bold are on the bubble. It probably wouldn't hurt Xavier to have them to lose.

5:30 PM USC vs Colorado* Pac-12 Network
Colorado is sitting around the 9/10 line despite having lost Spencer Dinwiddie and his 15 points per game back in January. The Buffs are probably in no matter what, but a loss to USC would make for a very uncomfortable wait for Selection Sunday. Colorado should be able to handle their business and breathe easy, but USC is sneaky-good on a neutral court.

7:00 PM Texas Tech vs Oklahoma State*
Oklahoma State has been on a tear since Marcus Smart returned from his suspension for shoving that clown who totally deserved it. They are in a position not dissimilar to that of Colorado in that their position in the NCAA tournament is likely secure at this point. Teams hate to be likely secure when they can be surely secure, though, so it would behoove the Cowboys to take care of Texas Tech.

9:30 PM DePaul vs Georgetown* FOX Sports 1
Georgetown has 5 top-50 wins. They cannot afford to lose this game unless they're just passionate about playing in the NIT.

11:30 PM Washington State vs Stanford* Pac-12 Network
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