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SBN Big East Awards

The best Big East sites on the web get together to award the most prestigious awards that Joel and I actually have a vote in.

And he stares pensively into the middle distance? He's got my vote.
And he stares pensively into the middle distance? He's got my vote.
Joe Robbins

With the regular season wrapped up and the tournament still a few days away, the SBN bloggers took advantage of the brief break to award our own all conference awards. While these may not get the publicity of the official Big East awards that came out, it's still informative to see what the people closely involved with the conference think. Of course, we'd love to hear what you think we got right, or wrong, in the comments.

Player of the Year: Doug McDermott- Creighton
I mean, really? Brad D
This isn't really an argument, even if Cotton has been excellent. Norman aka pico
Why wasn't Henry Lowe on the ballot? kevin.pulsifer
He kinda averaged the most points in the country, so it's hard to vote against him. rsaccoma2016
Someone is going to vote for Bryce Cotton, and while he was absolutely key for PC... No. Not. At. All. Brian Ewart
Bryce Cotton might be the more electrifying player, but McDermott is the no-brainer pick here. CasualHoya

This one was unanimous. How could it not be? Dougie has gone for 26.5/7.2/1.6 on .522/.447/.867 shooting while taking a higher shots percentage than all but one other player in the nation. Easy call.

All Conference 1st Team
  • McDermott (12)
  • James Bell- Villanova (11)
  • Bryce Cotton- Providence (11)
  • Semaj Criston- Xavier (9)
  • Fuquan Edwin- Seton Hall (7)
All Conference 2nd Team
  • D'Angelo Harrison- St. John's (6)
  • Davante Gardner- Marquette (5)
  • JayVaughn Pinkston- Villanova (5)
  • Markel Starks- Georgtown (4)
  • Darrun Hilliard- Villanova (3)
  • D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera- Georgetown (3)

I'll take that team against any other conference's top players. Brad D

6 guards and 1 forward. #guardU kevin.pulsifer
Each of these players are driving forces for their team. Likewise, when they struggle, the team as a whole does as well. Personally, I love those type of guys; ones that seriously carry the team. I also picked two Villanova players just because. rsaccoma2016

Is it just me or is this list pretty blech? My top 5 in no order were McDermott, Cotton, Bell, Gardner and Starks, with Christon getting the 7th spot over Harrison just because Xavier had the better season and Edwin getting the 7th spot because he torched Georgetown twice and I hate him. CasualHoya
It should be noted that I also voted for Matt Stainbrook for first team honors, but he didn't make the cut. That leaves the team quite guard heavy, but that's countered by Fuquan possibly playing in his jams. Don't ask me how the Stain Train didn't even make the second team.

Coach of the Year: Jay Wright- Villanova (9)
Chris Mack- Xavier(2)
Greg McDermott- Creighton (1)

I don't care that the Wildcats got blitzed by Creighton twice. Those losses are two-thirds of their losses this season, and Villanova was picked to finish fourth. Brewtown andy
Xavier was supposed to be in a second rebuilding year, and was picked to finish seventh. Instead, Mack pulled them up to third ahead of stalwarts like Marquette and Georgetown. Brad D

How is this not unanimous? kevin.pulsifer
Jay Wright brought this team from "receiving votes," at best, last year to a top 5 program now. rsaccoma2016
If anyone picks Greg McDermott, they can be given a timeout. Every coach on this list would win a ton with Dougie McBuckets and that guy who sinks nothing-but-netters from half-court. Brian Ewart

Let the record reflect here that I would have voted JT3, a complete homer pick but only because I'm not convinced any other coach in the Conference would have generated 18+ wins with this roster. CasualHoya

There's nothing wrong with Jay Wright at this spot, given the team that he brought into the year lost in the first round of the NCAAs and finished last year with a KenPom rating roughly the same as Xavier's this year. Wright now has that team in position for a one seed. On second thought, maybe this should have been unanimous as well.

Freshman of the Year: Billy Garrett, Jr.- DePaul (5)
Rysheed Jordan- St. John's (4)
Josh Hart- Villanova (3)

And those are the All Big East awards from around the SBN Big East blogs. Special thanks go to Mike J. of VUHoops for putting it all together.


Brewtown Andy

Brad D.
Joel D.

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