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Bubble Watch: 3/10

It's that time of year where you need an abacus and a slide rule to figure out who to cheer for. Or you could just come to us.

Everybody is trying to catch a bubble spot right now.
Everybody is trying to catch a bubble spot right now.
Robert Laberge

It was an up-and-down day for bubble watchers today. In good news, Saint Joseph's took a significant hit with their home loss to La Salle. Florida State missed a chance to pick up a big win with their defeat at the hands of Syracuse. Meanwhile, Nebraska charged into the field with a win over Wisconsin and Minnesota staved off a bad loss by working over Penn State.

If we're being honest, there's pretty much no bubble action jumping off on today's schedule. That doesn't mean there aren't any games that bubble reams have a rooting interest in. The WCC tournament is nearing its conclusion, and their are potential bid thieves in the conference. Gonzaga plays Saint Mary's at 9:00pm on ESPN; at this point, we have the unenviable lot of cheering for the Zags. Even if they drop this game, their resume is still strong enough to see them sneak into the field.

The other game in the WCC semis is San Francisco against BYU at 11:30pm on ESPN2. This one is not a straight chalk proposition. While having SFU in the final would put a potential bid thief one game away from making it happen, it's also distinctly possible that a loss to the Dons would drop BYU out of at-large contention. As long as Gonzaga wins their game, it's probably safe to cheer against BYU in this one. If they lose and Gonzaga takes the auto bid, the WCC could become a one-bid league, opening up a slot for Xavier and their bubble brethren.